Military Style Boots

Converse military boots is one of the most reputed names in combat and military footwear. They come in wide various features, providing internal comfort and external protection to different types of feet and purposes. But with tens, if not thousands of different types and styles of combat, military, and tactical boots available in the market today, it can be daunting to find one that fits both your preferences and needs. Not to mention we all know for a fact that now all boots are made equal. If you’re having difficulty in choosing the right kicks for you, then here’s a quick buying guide for different types of converse military boots.

Comfort, durability, and protection – these are the most important things you should consider in looking for a pair of military boots. However, there are many factors you should consider too, such as how you’ll use the boots and where do you plan to use it.

For Comfort

You should always feel comfortable with your boots; many soldiers spend hours, if not days wearing military boots in harsh conditions. Extreme conditions (temperature) can make the nicest of boots feel uncomfortable. While most boots in the market provide versatile functionality, not all of them can provide comfort. Converse tactical boots, on the other hand, are known for its internal comfortability, allowing you to wear it for hours without feeling pain. The athletic feet feature of Converse military boots ensures excellent performance, allowing you to make quick and sharp movements easily. It’s lightweight, very flexible and available in comfort fit to suit different types of feet, along with excellent ventilation, good arch support, and a bouncy feel.

For Durability

These boots aren’t cheap, so you want to make sure they’re worth the investment. Inspect the stitching of the seams, reinforced zippers, and materials used for soles, make sure all of these parts are made to last. Converse desert boots are made to stand daily abuse and the roughest terrains. All of its components are built to last, from seams, zippers, soles, etc.

For Protection

Protection is another very important factor you need to consider for choosing military boots, especially if there will be lots of different and harsh environments you’ll be in. Some Converse military boots come with composite toe, providing extra toe protection without sacrificing performance. Converse desert boots safety toe for example, are equipped with the composite toe features, providing protection for toes even on the roughest, stony, and uneven terrains. It’s equipped with extra protection to the heels (heel cushioning and dual density ball) to absorb pressure and cushion the entire feet.

More Things To Consider

Other very important factors you need to consider are the height of the heel, choosing between shoelace closure and zipper, the type of weather in the place where you plan to use the boots, and how tall you want them. Also, the heel size can make a lot of difference; some people feel a lot of back pain even with half-inch higher heels.

Choosing between zipper and shoelace is of course, depends on your preferences. Sure zipper is a lot easier to close, but many people feel more comfortable, tighter, and secure with shoelace closures. Also, speed laces are just as fast to close as the zippers.

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